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  • EMI Sues Grooveshark

    EMI Music, the biggest record publisher in the world, has terminated its contract with streaming site Grooveshark. According to BBC’ s News Techology website, this: “…comes three months after EMI announced it was suing the service for not paying royalties…EMI’s withdrawal means Grooveshark currently has no major record labels on board with the service…”. The steep […]

  • Income Stream Basics for Musical Creators

    An article written by Eldar Manor and published on the IndiEarth Blog: When a song is performed, recorded and finally distributed, various income streams ensue. What are these income streams, what are their sources, who is entitled to them and how do we ensure that at least a better part of them comes our way?…

  • Convicted For Illegal File Sharing

    The first person in Scotland to be convicted of illegally sharing music files online has been sentenced to three years probation. The BBC reports that Nurse Anne Muir admitted distributing £54,000 worth of copyrighted music files by making them available to others via a peer-to-peer file sharing application (For full report BBC website).

  • EMI Taking Back Digital Rights From ASCAP

    According to HypeBot, “…In a radical shift, EMI Music Publishing today announced that it is taking back the responsibility for licensing digital rights in North American from ASCAP. The performance rights society will continue to license EMI’s performance rights for traditional media services, including television and radio stations… …For EMI, the change is designed to…

  • Apple’s Cloud

    Apple plans to announce the launch a new cloud music service later in the year. “…It has deals with three of the big music labels. And it is in talks to close a deal with Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest music company. But when Apple gets its Universal deal done, it still won’t be ready…

  • Down Under

    EMI has lost an appeal in Australia over a 2010 Federal Court ruling that the well knwon flute rift of the Men at Work song Down Under copied a substantial part of a children’s folk song Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree. EMI are to pay Kookaburra’s composer five per cent of Down Under‘s royalties since 2002 (CBC…

  • Music Sales Are Up!

    After 10 years of decline, worldwide sales in the music industry are up thanks to a boom in digital sales (Media Memo by Peter Kafka – Wall Street Journal). That is certainly good news for the music industry in its search for new sustainable growth formulas.  

  • Google’s Music Beta

    Google’s new music service Music Beta has just been launched. “…Google had originally planned a more robust version of the concept, which it was going to introduce with cooperation from the labels. Talks between Google and the labels, which started a year ago, have hit an impasse, and Google has apparently decided that it would…