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  • Resale Rights For Artists

    Are you a visual artist? Have you sold works of art that are now being resold? You may be entitled to a share of the proceeds of sales of your physical works that are no longer owned by you. An artist’s resale right, otherwise known as the “Droit de Suite” gives artists a right to […]

  • Is a copyright owners consent required for selling second hand books on e-bay?

    The US Supreme Court on Monday agreed to consider whether an eBay seller needs the consent of a copyright owner to import and resell books manufactured abroad. Though U.S. law gives such freedom under the first-sale doctrine, the idea of applying the rule to foreign works is novel. Unable to use the doctrine as a…

  • DMCA Safe Harbour Provisions

    In a much-anticipated ruling with respect to the strength of the safe harbor provisions within the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a district court’s decision that Veoh Networks Inc. is protected by the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions from copyright infringement claims brought against it by UMG Recordings…

  • Supreme Court OK’s Sales Of Violent Video Game To Kids

    The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down California’s ban on the sale of violent video games to children. A divided court majority said the law violates the Constitution’s guarantee of free expression (For report see Nina Totenberg, NPR). For the Supreme Court decision please press this link.

  • US Copyright Office To Amend Termination Regulations

    The Copyright Office has amended its regulations governing notices of termination of certain grants of transfers and licenses of copyright under section 203 of the Copyright Act. The amendments are intended to clarify the recordation practices of the Copyright Office regarding the content of certain notices of termination as well as the circumstances under which…