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Megaupload Shutdown and Cloud Trouble

The recent Megaupload shutdown by the US Dept. of Justice may highlight some of the troubles with cloud computing.

Users of the Megaupload storage service could not access legitimate files after the shutdown.This means that users should have had backups of their files in order to avoid such a scenario. And I thought cloud computing came to replace backups…

In order to avoid such scenarios, it is important to check out the terms of use of any such service so as to ascertain who owns the files uploaded and how can one access them, particularly in shutdown scenarios.

In order to gain consumer confidence, Cloud based services will need to alleviate these “physical” concerns for users. When one adds this to the concerns consumers have over Cloud security,  then Cloud based services still have some way to go and educating to do so as to make cloud based services an integral part of consumers’ digital second nature…

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