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Software Licensing Compliance

Most of us use software. Any software we use is regulated by the terms of the particular software license. Many software licenses especially those that are not open source, limit in various ways software use. Some licenses allow home use only, some limit the amount of computers a software may be used on and some are […]

Rights Clearance Basics For Creators

An article written by Eldar Manor and published on the IndiEarth Blog: Creators setting out in the audio-visual industries may spend endless hours in pursuit of their creative desires. They may write songs, record them, create video clips and do other amazing things, but understanding some of the basic legal rights that make up their […]

Megaupload Shutdown and Cloud Trouble

The recent Megaupload shutdown by the US Dept. of Justice may highlight some of the troubles with cloud computing. Users of the Megaupload storage service could not access legitimate files after the shutdown.This means that users should have had backups of their files in order to avoid such a scenario. And I thought cloud computing came to replace backups… […]

ECHR: Public Persons and the Right to Privacy

An interesting case recently decided by the European Court of Human Rights, involved a German newspaper article with pictures of a famous actor about his arrest on possession of cocaine at a beer festival. The Hamburg Regional Court confirmed an injunction, requested by the actor, against any further publication of both articles.  The Newspaper’s appeal of […]

Intellectual Property & Bankruptcy

What happens to a licensed intellectual property assest when a licensee files for bankruptcy? What are the implications in such a scenario of a clause in the license agreement prohibiting the licensee from assigning its rights under the agreement? For an interesting insight on this subject please see the following article by Theresa V. Brown-Edwards and Ryan M. […]

DMCA Safe Harbour Provisions

In a much-anticipated ruling with respect to the strength of the safe harbor provisions within the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a district court’s decision that Veoh Networks Inc. is protected by the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions from copyright infringement claims brought against it by UMG Recordings […]

Data Protection In Israel – The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority

The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA), was established by the Ministry of Justice ofIsrael in September 2006 to become Israel’s data protection authority. The mission of ILITA is to reinforce personal data protection, regulate the use of electronic signatures, and increase the enforcement of privacy and IT-related offences. ILITA website. Legislation.  

Louis Vuitton Sues Warner Bros

Warner Bros. is facing accusations that it showed counterfeit luggage in a hit movie. In a complaint filed in NY last week, luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton accused Warner Bros of ignoring its instructions not to use a fake handbag in an airport scene in the Hangover II. In the scene, Alan (played by Zach […]

Olympic Restrictions

The Olympics are just around the corner. New restrictions on advertising have come into force in England to regulate advertising and trading before and during the Olympics. Link to The London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Advertising and Trading) (England) Regulations 2011

No Privacy On Internet

According to Torrent Freak, “…YouHaveDownloaded is a new Russian-based service that claims to track about 20 percent of all public BitTorrent downloads. They go a step further than just collecting IP-addresses and file-names by exposing all the harvested information to the public on their website. People who visit the site immediately see their download history, […]